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It’s was a rally for Texas Beer Freedom!

A re-post of my article in the event last month for

Freetail Winter Beer Dinner 2011

It was fabulous from what I understand. A tragedy that I had to miss it. Here’s re-post of my write up for

It’s Time To Bake, Broil and Brew!

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Beervana in San Antonio

A couple of events to show you why craft beer in San Antonio is on its way up. Originally posted on

Something Smells in Texas

Here are my thoughts on the current brewpub law in Texas, HB 660. Originally posted on

San Antonio Beer Week 2011

Yes, we finally have our very own beer week in San Antonio! Here’s a link to my artcle on on the subject.

San Antonio Beer Week 2011

Craft Beer at 8,369 Feet

Orignally published by moi on Jan 23, 2011 on UpTake

When I think of  the Rocky Mountains, images of snow capped mountains, Moose, skiing and family come to mind. I was born and raised in Colorado, and spent many winters and summers enjoying the beauty of these mountains. Tucked away amongst all this is the Grand Lake Brewing Company, the highest packaging microbrewery in the United States. At a whopping 8,369 feet above sea level, that’s no joke. Their logo  “It’s All Downstream From Here” is almost too true! Such a beautiful town and area that is nestled right near the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park and was founded in 1867.

Photo Courtesy of Grand Lake Brewing Company

I’ve come up to this area for years and in my adulthood have made a point to stop into the brewpub each time. Classic mountain town feel only begins to describe the decor as you walk in. I had spent a long day out on the lake and hiking throughout the mountains, so I was really looking forward to some good pizza and finely crafted brew. I walked in with my aunt and uncle and bellied up to the bar. It’s a small place with not many areas to sit inside, although when the weather is nice, they have a good sized outdoor patio for your dining pleasure.

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Beer and Cheese On The San Antonio Riverwalk

Orignially published by  moi Jan 19, 2011on UpTake

A trip to San Antonio, Texas will often steer you toward familiar attractions such as The Alamo, The Riverwalk and The Hemisfair Plaza. Walk just a few blocks from each and you encounter a very historic downtown that is every bit as captivating as other historic large city downtowns. Nestled among the many restaurants right off the Riverwalk, is Bohanan’s Prime Steaks and Seafood and it’s sister restaurant, Bohanan’s Restaurant and Bar, both located at 219 East Houston Street.

Photo Courtesy of Bohanan’s

I had heard much of Bohanan’s and had wanted to stop by. Bohanan’s has an excellent reputation as fine place to have  Japanese Akashi Steaks, as well as a wide variety of seafood cooked up fresh. On his particular day I was there to try their Beer and Cheese flight. Bohanan’s has been a little know secret who’s tale needed to be told. The tasting was to be held downstairs in the new restaurant and bar which lends itself more as a place to hang out in elegance, while leaving the fine steakhouse dining to the upstairs restaurant.

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Churchill’s Pub And Grille

Originally published by moi Jan 12, 2011 on UpTake.

San Marcos, California may not be your first thought as a travel destination, but the little suburb of San Diego has a lot to offer. It’s home to The California Center For The Arts in Escondido, as well as being in close proximity to San Diego. Another of those offering’s is Churchill’s Pub and Grille, a Mecca for the craft beer aficionado. Southern California has become one of several hot spots for craft beer in the United States and Churchill’s features many of these local brewing creations.

I was introduced to Churchill’s by a friend who raved about the place and it lived up to the billing. Think traditional looking English Pub meets modern English Pub . A staple in the San Diego County and also voted as the best bar of North San Diego County, it features around 50 taps and at least that many in bottle. You won’t fine the usual beer suspects here, only brews finely crafted with love. Owner Ivan Derezin has created quite the place here.

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Toronado San Diego

Warm pacific breezes, culture everywhere you look,  and even a world famous zoo. What more could you ask from San Diego, California? Try craft breweries like the Stone Brewing Company, Lost Abbey and Alesmith and a plethora of bars and restaurants serving craft beer from San Diego and around the United States. One such amazing craft bar is Torodao San Diego, An extension so to speak of the legendary Toronado in San Francisco.

Check out my thoughts for UpTake on this phenomenal place!