Ranger Creek Introduces Lager That Honors San Antonio

When Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling opened in 2010, an easy drinking lager was always supposed to be a part of the “Brewstillery’s” regular year around lineup. Over the years this came in the form of ‘South Texas Lager’, ‘Red Headed Stranger’ and ‘Love Struck Hefe’ and while Red Headed and Love Struck are still around as seasonal brews, Ranger Creek was still without a year around lager. 

This all changes on February 22, 2017 with the release of Ranger Creeks’ ‘San Antonio Lager’, a 5.1% ABV Helles style lager that is  smooth and flavorful. San Antonio Lager will also be Ranger Creek’s first canned offering, and incorporates traditional German brewing techniques and ingredients, right down to matching the German water profile. “We also went through about five different lager recipes before we settled on this one,” stated co-owner Mark McDavid. McDavid went on to say that they even utilized a tasting panel throughout the process to make sure what they created would be something San Antonions would love. 

The can’s design was just as thought out, and incorporates the iconic quatrefoil design typically seen in the San Antonio missions and many other examples of Christian architecture. Even the turquoise, yellow and red colors on the can shout San Antonio, and are a throwback to an older San Antonio Spurs logo. The entire can screams 50’s beer can styling, yet is very much modern, tying San Antonio's past to its future.

San Antonio Lager comes just at the right time, as San Antonio gets ready to celebrate its tricentennial in 2018. To help with this celebration is Freetail Brewing Co. who will introduce their own homage to the Alamo City’s 300 year anniversary. On March 17, 2017, ‘San Antonio Pale Ale’ will hit a tap handle near you. Boasting a fruity and potent hop flavor, San Antonio Pale Ale also has a balanced bitterness. Cans will follow in August 2017.

“When we realized that we were both releasing a beer with San Antonio in the name, we decided to work together,” says fellow Ranger Creek co-founder T.J. Miller. To this end, the two San Antonio breweries will cross promote their beers and collaborate on a beer together to be released in 2018. Aptly named ‘SA300’, the collaboration’s details will be kept secret for now, says Miller. 

Quite an exciting time for San Antonio.