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Houston Beer Week

Something that just doesn’t happen often hit Houston, Texas this week. A week long string of events know as Houston Beer Week that began this past Monday, October 11th and  continues throughout the week, culminating with the Monsters of Beer Charity Festival this Sunday, October 17th.2010. So what exactly is a beer week? Why have one? What’s the purpose anyway? Did I realize it’s already Thursday and the week is almost over?

Image Courtesy of Houston Beer Week

I’ll try to answer these questions and more! A ‘beer week’ is typically a celebration of the craft beer culture that exists in a particular locale. For Houston, something like this hasn’t happened in about ten years, so this is indeed a treat for those craft beer aficionados craving good beer. The great thing about a beer week, Houston included, is that the events happen at different craft beer related locations throughout the city. Cost is depended upon the location, so can pick and choose what you go to.

As to why a beer week should be held, why the heck not?! Especially in craft beer starved Texas, that is only beginning to progress in this area over the last few years and the purpose is to educate you on what goes into a good beer and how to recognize one! Expose you to as much of what is available in your area and the country as possible.

Yes, I realize it is already Thursday and that you have likely missed many of the events. Regardless, I’m going to fill you in on what has transpired thus far, what Houston Beer Week is all about  and what you can expect the remainder of the week.

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Girls Pint Out, Texas Style

That’s Jen in the middle! - Photo courtesy of Jennifer Litz

“We’re gals into grolsch. Ladies into lagers. Princesses into pilsners. Angels of ale. You get the idea.” That’s the what greets visitors to the website for the Texas chapter of Girls Pint Out, a group dedicated to the exploration of craft beer and educating women about it. The group began in Indianapolis and has quickly spread to covering multiple cities in the U.S. One of those cities happens to be Houston, Texas and the chapter is headed up by the infamous Jennifer Litz.

Now Jen is a Texas native, having grown up in San Antonio. After a cross-country sojourn for a few years, she’s back in Texas. I won’t spoil all the fun for Jen, as she definitely knows how to tell a tale better than I. I will say this, my exposure to Jen has been great. I first met her on Twitter. Yes, I said Twitter, that 140 character social medium that you either love or hate. Since then I have met up with her in person several times and she lives up to the billing. I was able to hang a bit with her at The Great American Beer Festival in Denver this year as well and let me tell you, she knows her beer and is passionate about it!

So, without further a due, I give you…..Jennifer Litz!

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Craft Beer and Brasserie Style Grub

Article originally published by on UpTake by me :)

Opening later this month on the San Antonio Riverwalk, is the latest restaurant of acclaimed Chef John Besh: Luke San Antonio. Reflective of what he has done with his sister restaurant Luke of New Orleans, Chef Besh is seeking to take the feel and ambiance of Luke in New Orleans to San Antonio. “It is really exciting for me to be bringing my beloved Lüke to a city with such vibrancy and spirit as San Antonio,” says Chef Besh. “I know an even stronger bond will be built between the two great food cities and hope area residents are awaiting Lüke’s opening with much anticipation.”

The restaurant is to be a combination of a French Brasserie with elements of a gastro-pub with a large craft beer and wine selection. The cuisine is expected to honor both the Old World and local alike. Executive Chef McHugh who has been with the Besh family restaurants for sometime, will be heading up the culinary staff at Luke San Antonio

Chef John Besh - Courtesy of Luke San Antonio

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Wild Ales, The Funky Side Of Beer

Today, Freetail Brewing released Ananke, an Ale aged in wine barrels. This is certainly not the first Sour or American Wild Ale that Freetail has produced, the Solara series being the most notable. This was however, the first Sour they have bottled. The release was scheduled for 11:30 AM, however aficionados and fans alike began lining up as early as 9:00 AM. When I arrived at 11:00, there was already a good sized crowd waiting for this delectable liquid.

What’s great about events like these, is that there is a great camaraderie with lovers of craft beer. In fact, many people brought rare and popular beers to share on the patio with the crowd. I even brought a bottle of my homebrew to share. After a while Brewer Jason Davis and Assistant Brewer John came to join the crowd before the release.

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