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Great Divide Brewing Co's Saint Bridget's Porter

Saint Bridget’s is an example of an  American Porter which is based on the English Porter style. This style typically has a high hop flavor to it, lots of malt, often chocolate and coffee flavors as well. Introduced to the U.S. during colonial times, many American brewers used other flavorings such as molasses and gets it coloring from the use of brown malts. Continue reading ‘Great Divide Brewing Co's Saint Bridget's Porter’

Freetail Brewing Co's 2009 4Shadow

Freetail Brewing Co is one unique brewpub, determined to change your perception of beer and of Texas craft brews (Yes, we have very good craft brews here in Texas)!  Born out of inspiration in 2005 while at Chama River Brewing Co., in Albuquerque, NM, owner Scott Metzger and brewer Jason Davis have created a very unique brewpub that has paid homage to Texas and its inhabitants. Metzger and Davis got Freetail off the ground in the later part of 2008. Every beer at the place has Texas written all over it! Metzger says he has three goals with Freetail: To make the best beer in Texas; the best pizza in San Antonio; and have most knowledgeable and friendly wait staff. He also has this to those who say they don’t like beer: “You just haven’t met a beer that you like!”

Continue reading ‘Freetail Brewing Co's 2009 4Shadow’